About Me

Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out my site.  My name is Ami.  metankI am a native Missourian, mother, grandmother, Herbalist, camper, dog lover, nature lover, photographer and nursery owner wannabe. I started in this business because I have truly realized the wonderful effects that natural herbs has on the body and mind and also to share my experiences with herbs and simple recipes.  I also want to share my spiritual journey of mindfulness and meditation, which has changed the way I think, feel and react and has saved my sanity, in a insane world.

What brought me to this journey in life:  About a year and a half ago, I experienced a dramatic event which could have taken my life. The light bulb switched “On” in me and I came to the conclusion that I was weary of just existing day to day. I just knew in my heart, living a healthier, more balanced, more mindful life, was going to be the key to what we all seek, rich or poor – Inner Happiness

You can physically, be very healthy, but if your mind is damaged by constant media, repeating thoughts, grief, anxiety, worry and fear, you will age more quickly, you will always be seeking more and will forever be caught up “in the rat race” of which lasting “inner peace” can not ever be found.

I also started to investigate just how much we are constantly bombarded with toxins in our food and in our everyday products. Not only do these toxins cause great harm to our bodies, minds and our DNA, they contaminate our planet, through the manufacturing process, that leaks into the soil and water. That facts show these poisons are the underlying cause of many birth defects, disorders, aliments and mental afflictions, that effect almost everyone.

We can not escape, at this point, to all of the chemicals and toxins and it is expensive to eat completely organic and use organic products.

This is why I want everyone to know about Herbal Teas and Natural Herbal Remedies, which are relatively inexpensive and which help the body to combat what we can not always avoid.

The natural balance in a plant is a gift from Mother Earth to the human race. Nature always balances itself, it is only humans that upset this balance.

What you do each and every day, affects you and many other’s tomorrow and vice versa.

There is a shift in the world. More and more people are realizing that getting back to basics, living more simply, mindfully, helps to save the environment, it calms the soul, opens the heart and one becomes more appreciative of what life offers right in front of us.

This approach to life has saved me in so many ways, I am forever grateful to be open to it and experience the awesomeness of being “Present”.

I hope you enjoy this site and I encourage you to share your recipes, thoughts and ideas.   Just go to Contact me and I will gladly share your information.

I believe we must pursue what’s in our hearts. My heart tells me to keep going, spreading what I am learning, through thick and thin.