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Buying Bulk Herbs and Spices Saves Money and The Environment

Buying and using natural herbs saves money, saves the environment and gives your body the boost it needs to combat everyday life stresses. 

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If you need a reason to look into buying natural herbs and utilizing natural remedies, I’ve got a big one for you! IT WILL SAVE YOU A LOT OF MONEY! AND IT HELPS SAVE THE ENVIRONMENT!

I wonder if people realize how much money it saves over a year to purchase natural herbs in bulk, instead of individual plastic contained supermarket herbs?  I wonder if people know that by buying bulk herbs and spices, you are saving the environment from tons of plastic containers, chemical processing leaking into streams?

Let’s look at the math: A purchase of a small container of McCormick Sage is $3.98 for .06 oz. from Walmart. That equals to $6.63 per ounce! To buy Simply Organic’s Sage is .21 oz at a cost of $2.19 – That equals $10.42 per ounce!download


To buy sage in bulk powder form at the lowest quantity: 2 oz for $4.42 equals $2.21 per ounce!  That’s a huge difference, you have to agree. If you buy a pound of sage, it drops to $1.04 per ounce.

I know from my own experience, buying bulk was a smart move, although at I did not realize it at the time. When I first began to explore the benefits of natural herbs, I had bought all my favorite herbs and put them glass containers that I had picked up at second hand stores and yard sales. I cleaned out a special place in the cabinet to store them.

My life took a turn and I was hit financially with many burdens. Anyone who has ever went through this knows, you have to downsize and economize. Eating healthy gets a little rougher and the stress level gets higher.

My herbal collection has lasted through the situation and that saved me money and some of my peace of mind. It is comforting to know,  you can conjure up so many things with your herbs, from soothing essential oils for itchy dry skin or your pet’s itchy skin, to using chamomile to calm anxiety and upset stomach in my grandkids, to making an herbal tea infusions to get going in the morning or relax in the evening, after a hard day.

Natural herbs and herbal teas help keep you focused, they build up and protect the immune system supplying your body with essential nutrients and vitamins and keep the body in balance. This is critical, when you are under extreme stress.  A pill from the drugstore can’t compare to the warming, refreshing medicinal qualities a great cup of herbal tea can deliver, morning, noon or night.

Buying and using natural herbs saves money, saves the environment and gives your body the boost it needs to combat everyday life stresses.


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