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Meditation Can be Practiced in Many Ways

There are many ways to practice meditation, which is in essence, a Syncing of the Body and Mind

Meditation doesn’t necessarily require you to sit still, in a lotus pose.

Meditation can be practiced doing any activity that takes All of Your Focus into Yourself and the moment.

Playing music, painting, doing crafts, writing, one on one sports, bike rides,  all of these activities block any thoughts of past or future and puts you in THE NOW.

This is where you want your mind, your thought to be! It is where you are, your very soul, is at all times!

Enjoying, centering, focusing all of your attention to the NOW, the gift of life, in the present moment.  Meditation is what your brain and body need to clear  the negative energy that is absorbed by your very cells, in your body, throughout your week.

Not only does it lift your spirits and free you from a lot of anxiety, meditation actually lowers blood pressure.

So if you feel that sitting still is not the answer for you, but want to feel and understand what all the hype is about with Meditation…figure out what activities you do and enjoy, that engages your complete focus and attention.  Try to incorporate this activity at least 2-3 times a week, into your schedule.  Let yourself be free of thoughts for a little while, let the present moment breathe life into your soul.

These teachings and many more life altering and inspiring concepts,  are those of Eckhart Tolle.  Modern Spiritual Teacher, whom changed my whole outlook on life.  His wisdom in relieving your own suffering and experiencing the world in a different way is recognized by many including: Oprah, The Guardian, The Dalai Lama, Ram Dass and Deepak Chopra.  I urge everyone to check out some of his sessions on YouTube and/or pick up one of his very few books written at your local library.  It offers a powerful insight on the origins of mankind’s continuous suffering and destruction.

This link will take you to a submission of his book, the Power of Now.


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