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Smokeable Herbal Blend for Anxiety and Relaxation That Works!

Smoking Natural Herbs has been done since the beginning of time used traditionally for relaxation, ritual and ceremonies.

Smokeable herb blends are becoming more and more popular.   I began getting into medicinal herbs for many reasons and was looking for alternatives to tobacco smoking.   After doing quite a bit of  research on the subject, I put together a blend for my personal use and a couple close friends.

It turns out, the blend was quite pleasant and smooth and so was the effect. It was relaxing and warming at the same time.    Both smoking and non smoking friends, also found this blend to be effective and enjoyable and suggested I market it.

Herbs for Living Life’s Herbal Smoke Blend is:  100% natural, no additives, no chemicals and non-addictive

Also with marijuana not being legal in many states and many people opting to quit smoking tobacco, smokable herbs are an excellent alternative choice.

The ingredients are:

Calamus Herb Anxiety Calamus: has been used since ancient times to relieve tension and pain. A balancing herb is energizes and relaxes at the same time. It is also a powerful nervous system herb.

 Skullcap: has been used for centuries also. In modern herbal medicine, Skullcap is recommended for muscle tension and anxiety, alcohol withdraw and as a sleep aid.

Kava Kava AnxietyKava Kava: Although banned in some countries, Kava Kava has been proven in clinical studies to be just as powerful as any prescription anxiety medicine. It treats depression without the mental clarity loss that comes with some anxiety prescription medicines.

Passion Flower
Passion Flower

Passion Flower:  Long known by herbalist to relieve muscle tension and used for insomnia. It has also been reported to relieve headaches when smoked.

With all of these herbs combined,  it is no wonder, the blend has such a calming effect. So if you are thinking of quitting smoking or looking just for something different, you should give this blend a try.

  • 100% natural
  • non addictive
  • chemical and synthetic free (don’t ever touch that stuff! it’s poison!)
  • Euphoric effect on most users
  • Many customers have inquired about drug tests and this herbal smoke blend.  This products is 100% all organic and natural herbs from the earth.  There is nothing in this blend to show up on a drug test.
Herbs for Living Life Relaxation Smoke Blend
Herbs for Living Life
Relaxation Smoke Blend