Heartworm Herbal Remedies for Dogs

Heartworms and Dogs:

Traditional medications prescribed for our beloved pet animals is often quite noxious. Such is the case in heartworm dogs and herbsprevention and treatment with pharmaceutical medication. Dogs are given a monthly dose of a toxic insecticide. This, of course, is going to weaken their immune system.

My first wormwood plat
My first wormwood plant

Two natural herb alternatives with proven results to treat heartworms are: Wormwood for prevention and Black Walnut Hull, if the animal is already infected.

These herbs are used in conjunction with other herbs. Never alone. You should always consult with a trusted veterinarian.

Prevention and overall well being are the keys to good health in our pets. Mosquito transmit heartworms, please see Herbal Recipes and Remedies for a natural mosquito repellent. I personally have used lavender and rosemary homemade essential oils during the summer months for a repellent and dry skin and it worked wonderfully.

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