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Holding on to Shame and Guilt Physically Breaks Down Your Body

Recent studies have shown that we really do carry around emotional baggage physically in our bodies. In the connective tissue, fascia tissues, in our bodies to be exact. It is a chemical called IL6.

IL6 is a cytokine protein chemical we all carry in our bodies. It plays a role in fighting infections and regulating metabolism. However, when the chemical is over processed, it becomes the enemy, breaking down immune system.

IL6 shame chemical
IL6 Chemical Protein

Growing evidence links this inflammatory chemical process to autoimmune disease, depression, cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Increased levels of IL6 have also been associated with children’s and adult mental health problems.

Studies have shown inflammation (over-processing) of this chemical sets up an individual’s health physically and mentally for health and mental complications. Over inflammation occurs in individuals who have experience extreme stress situations, predominantly in childhood and teenage years. These extreme stress situations along with social class, absence of parental devotion, incest, tragedy and suppression of the negative emotions associated with these risk factors all contribute to those with easily inflamed levels of IL6. images-4

Holding on to negative emotions such as fear, guilt, shame and grudge, over stimulates this protein chemical which in essence, lodges in your fascia tissues. Fascia tissue as described in the link, surrounds all of your organs, bones and nerves. If one does not learn to release their past negative emotions and thoughts of events that have happened to them, the IL6 chemical builds up in the tissue and causes damage, the end result of this damage will vary from one individual to the next depending on genetics, pre-existing conditions and environment.

The bottom line is:

We must let go of our past when it is associated with negative emotions (fear, anger, regret, guilt, shame, grudge). We cannot change the past, but we can change how it affects us now. All humans have an inner instinct to be happy. However, when we carry around these unneeded burdens of emotions, of the past, we are limiting our ability for inner peace and making more undo stress on our body systems. Learn to let it go. Why hold on to it? Does it give you power in some way to feel bad? Does it help today’s situations, joy or stress? No it does not.

Have you ever known someone who has been hurt by another in the past and that person after years, still carries a strong grudge against the other person? Do you see what it does to their face features? Almost like they are shriveling up. How we deal with those who have wrong us, how we deal with past situations we were forced to endure, play a major role in our over all health and appearance in the coming years.

Spiritual leaders have always urged us, as humans, to forgive, have compassion, practice daily gratitude and help one another. When we make these practices part of our daily lives, we ultimately relieve our own suffering and improve our overall health, mentally and physically.

Since this chemical makes it’s home in the connective tissues of our bodies, yoga stretching, meditations and mindfulness all help to release the over abundance of IL6 that many of us are carrying around within ourselves, returning IL6 to it’s normal capacity, which we need to help us maintain normal infection fighting and metabolism levels of the natural occurring chemical.

So do yourself a huge favor. Let the past go, learn to live in the present, right now and stretch your limbs really well a couple times a day, take time to clear your mind and meditate when you can, recognize when these old negative familiar emotions arise within you. See if you can stop the thought process from going back into the past, reliving the negative, over and over. Recognizing what triggers these emotions and learning to release them right away, will absolutely make your feel better, look better and be a better human all together. breathing_fct1024x630_t460


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