If you can see a Little Green, Your Herb will Survive

Don’t throw out your herbal plant, if you can see Green.

To me, it’s always sad to see the beautiful, vibrant plants and herbs of the summer fade away through the winter months.  For those of us not yet blessed with a greenhouse, special lights, we can only bring our favorites indoors.


Tips to remember to keep your herbs healthy during cold, indoor months:

indoor herbs
Pruning Indoor Herbs During Winter

  • Trimming off the old dead branches and leaves helps to stimulate the plant.  The dead stalks also tend to suck the water and nutrients away from the green surviving parts.


  • Try not to over water plants in the winter time.  Plants get dormant and slow down, just like some humans do, when it is cold.  Soil should not be bone dry, but if you can feel moisture, wait another day or so and check again.  Over watering will kill plants in a semi dormant state very quickly.
  • Moving plants around to different parts of the home also help.  The sun shifts in the winter and also if you have any sort of weather plastic on the windows, the plants don’t get all the sun rays they need.  Rotating every so often helps promote growth.

I hope you are cozy and warm and drinking herbal tea, wherever you are!.  The older I get, the more I dislike the cold winter months.   Thank goodness for hot tea and bone soothing herbs!


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